Skimmer Vortex is designed to quickly and efficiently remove debris from the surface of your swimming pool. SV uses Bernoulli’s principal, which creates a greater suction force through the hole. You should see a vortex form above the top of the disc. This increases the surface velocity of the water and expedites the removal of debris. If there is not a visible vortex, it could be because the water level is too high. Or, the water velocity could be affected due to multiple skimmer baskets and the pump power being split. Even without a vortex, SV cleans your pool more efficiently.

Two to three inches above the skimmer disc will provide a nice vortex to accelerate the surface velocity of the water entering the skimmer box.

Absolutely! Skimmer Vortex will accelerate the water going into the skimmer basket even at lower speeds and will make your skimmer work more efficiently. Saving you money on your electricity bill every month.

No. Because of its patent pending design, the weight of SV will hold it down on the skimmer basket. An added benefit of Skimmer Vortex is that even with the pump motor turned off, SV holds the debris in the basket and won’t let it float back into the pool.

Yes. It’s simple design allows for you to easily add or remove the Skimmer Vortex disk as needed when you want to remove the surface debris from your pool.

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